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Please read the following Terms and Conditions agreement carefully, and if you do not agree to this Terms and Conditions, please do not use this web site. We consider that you agreed to contents of this Terms and Conditions agreement at a point when you used Vietlabo.com web site. 

Vietlabo.com ("Vietlabo.com" or "we") is an online recruitment web site. Job seekers can look for work and can make resumes. We also prepare the tools that it is necessary to look for the work that is most suitable for yourself. On the other hand, Employers can post jobs and can search resumes. We also prepare the tools that it is necessary for employers to look for most suitable persons for your company. 
The service offered by Vietlabo.com.

1.Use of service 

You can use Vietlabo.com by agreeing to Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to this Terms and Conditions, please do not use this site. If you use our service for members, please register it with Vietlabo.com by the method that we establish. We have pay service and free service for users. Please check them before using. In addition, you bear all expense to access Vietlabo.com, and you also have all responsibility to access Vietlabo.com and use our web site. 

2.Our service and prohibited in our website
Links to third party sites 
If you click on links to third party sites, including on advertisements, you will leave Vietlabo.com website, and you go to the site you selected. We cannot take all responsibility for contents of the other site. We cannot take any responsibility about sites or contents offered by another company or persons even if we put it in Vietlabo.com. In this case please obey the terms, regulation or contents of that site or by all means. 

About service and information in Vietlabo.com web site
 Service, contents, copyright in Vietlabo.com, and all the other rights belong to us or the rightful claimant who consented to usufruct in us, and users cannot do the copy, a reproduction, upload, a notice, transmission, and distribution without our permission. In addition, all the rights about all trademarks and service marks about Vietlabo.com belong to us, and users cannot use these without our permission. 

When Vietlabo.com is in condition to be able to download a file, an image, software, a program, Vietlabo.com allows users to use it personally in the range that we recognized about these, and it does not mean Vietlabo.com gives others rights of copyright. In addition, users cannot do download files the copy, a reproduction, upload, notices, transmission, distribution. But you shall follow it when a rightful claimant displays the other step about the handling such as those files. Please perform information acquisition in our web site by self-responsibility of you entirely. We do not take any responsibility to guarantee it about the source of information and accuracy of contents entirely. 

Service support
About the use of Vietlabo.com, we answer by E-mail for questions by E-mail from users. We do not do support by telephone, FAX, or other methods. Objects of support will be limited to the service that we offer in Vietlabo.com. About a computer, communications equipment, the communication software that users use, and all equipment about internet, we do not support. In addition, please understand that Vietlabo.com may have cases that we cannot support offered contents in Vietlabo.com web site. 

Prohibition acts 
The following acts are prohibited in Vietlabo.com. We keep quality of Vietlabo.com, and to have people use Internet through Vietlabo.com fruitfully. 
(1) An act in violation of laws and ordinances. An act you invite, or to promote an illegal act 
(2) An act to interfere with access of other users or operation 
(3) An act to interfere with administration of Vietlabo.com or the network system 
(4) An act to infringe honor of another person, trust, a right to privacy, the publicity right, a copyright, or other rights 
(5) An act to slander for another person, a threat, harassment, or give another person economy or mental damage or a disadvantage 
(6) An act to upload consecutive contributions, consecutive registration, a very big image (a picture), or the same contents 
(7) An act to pretend to be another person 
(8) Chain mail, dispatch of a spam mail 
(9) An act you collect or to accumulate personal information of other users 
(10) In addition, an act to be against public order and morals 

3. Information from users 

A all right relate to Resume which a user performed, a contribution of Job, contents of a message, the file which users uploaded and the data which, in addition, users offered to Vietlabo.com in our web site belongs to the user. Vietlabo.com can use these for Vietlabo.com administration freely at a point when contributions were offered by users and can consent to similar usufruct for the third person again. 

You must take responsibility by yourself about your contributions. Vietlabo.com and our partner companies do not take any responsibility about contributions of users in Vietlabo.com. In addition, Vietlabo.com and our partner companies do not carry duty to watch contributions and to delete unfair illegally contributions. 

You must not do contributions of contents becoming a prohibition act to establish in Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of Vietlabo.com. In addition, users can not renew and distribute the contents of another person. About the contributions that we judged not to be good for Vietlabo.com, we can delete it promptly. 

We can edit, change, delete, or move publication information by our discretion, and We can prohibit the service use of users. We also can delete user registration. We do not take at all legal responsibility for users about performing these steps. In addition, when we apply to following one, we confirm the information that a user registered, a use history, contents of email and may disclose these information to the third person. 

(1) When Vietlabo.com is inquired by court of law, the police, competent authorities, or the competent people who followed administration or to implement the legal requirements. 
(2) When a problem occurs for Vietlabo.com or maintenance of the system 
(3) When it is necessary to protect the rights of Vietlabo.com, our partner company, other users, or the other third person.  
(4) And the other cases in comliance with the laws. 

4.Our immunity from responsibility matter
About the service whole of Vietlabo.com 
In the use of Vietlabo.com, You must prepare for the machinery which is necessary for access, or a means of communication, and you must take all responsibility and expense of yourself to use Vietlabo.com. We do not participate about these machinery. 

We do not guarantee to relate to what a harmful element is not included in, there not being an unjust invasion from the third person, others safety such as viruses about contents or information posted on Vietlabo.com. We do not guarantee to continue service without affects, malfunction, or other problems. In addition, We do not guarantee to perform restoration and the removal of virus and other harmful elements when a problem occurred. 

We do not guarantee about credibility, accuracy, reliability, purpose adaptability, a result to occur by these use about information / service in Vietlabo.com. When you was damaged by the download which a user files in our site or the use of Vietlabo.com, it is a risk of users, and it shall be restored with your burden. 

An interruption of service, immunity from responsibility 
We can stop service of Vietlabo.com for reasons of the option anytime. About an interruption of service, we do not take responsibility for users and the third parties. Even if you are damaged because of the use or is not possible, we do not take responsibility at all. When we did some advice, we do no guarantee by having obeyed the advice. 

5. Privacy policy 

Vietlabo.com handles your personal information seriously according to Privacy Policy. Please check Privacy Policy page. and users shall agree to this. 

6. Changes to this Terms and Conditions 

We have a right to change contents of this Terms and Conditions. Please confirm every time because it might have some changes in this Terms and Conditions. When you continue to use our site, and it was used, you would agree to changes of our online Terms and Conditions.